Narration Essay: How To Be My Haitian Parents?

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How to be My Haitian Parents? Almost twenty years ago, around this time of the month, you had a baby girl on November twenty-six. Like every parent you are happy, smiling at the baby, holding my hands and taking pictures. I grew up, stood up, walked for the first time, said my first words, and lost my baby teeth. It’s time for me to go to my first day of school; you don’t want me to go because you got use to my presence in the house. Meanwhile, you are low-key wishing for me to stay a baby girl, when you know perfectly that it isn’t going to happen. When I reach puberty, you know for sure that you going to lose your baby girl. The outside world must be prohibited for me. If you are like me and you like having friends and want to participate in their…show more content…
It doesn’t matter if you don’t know them, or if I know what they are doing in school and out of school. I am just the worst kid in the world for you, and you wish I could disappear. When you giving me a lecture, make sure you talk loud enough so everyone in the neighborhood can hear how bad I am and how disrespectful I am to you. The more dramatic it is the better you look in front of them, and more horrible I look in their eyes. After a whooping, I am supposed to be smiling at you, when you call my name or when you give me food. If not, I get another whooping for the same things and for other things that I will do in the future. Although, most of Haitian parents act almost the same way. My Haitian Parents are one of a kind. Whose parents are not annoying and want them to stay home and stay their baby girl forever. No matter what happens, I will always be their baby and they will always be my parents. My parents only want me to be better than them without socializing, or doing anything that relates to going outside or a thousand miles away. Who will watch over me after God if they don’t? Family Love never

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