Narcotics Anonymous Group Analysis

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For my group experiential activity, I chose to attend an open self-help group, Narcotics Anonymous, which is a support group that focuses on the healing and recovery process of people with addiction. The Narcotics Anonymous group was a very informal, open group in which members could come and go at their own free will and were not coerced to disclose any information that he or she did not feel comfortable sharing with the larger group. In addition, new members were welcome to attend. The group was comprised of approximately 19 group members and one group leader. I found it interesting that there were also children of recovering addicts present at the meeting because I was not aware that children could attend these meetings. Nonetheless, I found it very compelling to witness so many families present with their families because it showed that there was still a sense of social support present despite turmoil that the addiction may have caused. The purpose of the group was to engage in the recovery process with other group members but also to adhere to the group’s mission of providing an environment of recovery to those individuals who are still suffering with his or her addiction. The purpose of the group was clearly stated by the group leader during his introductory speech about welcoming new members who would like to share in the recovery process with other group members. Just from observing, there appeared to be a group leader, referred to as the “chairperson,” who provided a brief overview of the group and voluntarily asked members to participate with the reading of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of the Narcotics Anonymous program. In addition, the group leader facilitated the flow of the group members’ conversations and ... ... middle of paper ... ...t strides are carried out to restore group dynamics if a certain member discloses a statement that jeopardizes the atmosphere of recovery. In addition, what can Narcotics Anonymous do in order to safeguard the well-being of each group member in terms of feeling supported? With regard to how I can apply what I learned from this group to my learning in the course, I can transfer the importance of making group members feel validated, respected, and supported and clearly communicating acceptance and respect through both nonverbal and verbal behaviors to Group Counseling. The most important lesson that I took away from this experience was that it is okay to acknowledge and admit that you feel powerless or find a situation difficult to handle because openly acknowledging mistakes can demonstrate that you are not only human but are making an effort to correct them.

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