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Peering at an individual and seeing two polar opposite idealistic ways can be troubling. How may one see oneself in such a terrible way, but appear to view oneself as if they love oneself a bit too much? Being narcissistic is being extremely egocentric and being exceedingly self-absorbed, and self-hate is narcissism’s polar opposite, not liking oneself at all. The appearance of narcissism is purely an expression of self-hate. To understand how narcissism can be an expression of self-hate, one might need to know what narcissism is and what it looks like. Narcissism is the excessive interest in oneself, including one’s physical appearance. There are a myriad ways narcissism can manifest itself into the living world. “Narcissists are not necessarily more attractive than other people, but they do take care of their appearance and place an importance on looking physically attractive” (Chan). Someone absorbed by themselves while staring in the mirror, picking at every little item until they see the they look the best that they can. Being materialistic can also come up, as they would want to make themselves look better through what they dress in to achieve want they would want, attract attention to themselves. “Narcissists will often tell stories about themselves — sometimes repeating the same story over and over again — and many times, the story will be about an instance of personal heroism or an exploit. But even when a story is of something negative that happened, it’ll never be the narcissist’s fault” (Chan). Narcissists will want to talk about themselves to show that they are better than everyone else which is how one could be talking about their problems but end up talking about how exceptional the narcissists life is. They also wi... ... middle of paper ... ...but still end up jealous because they might think that one does not wear it as fantastic as the other person. That is how self-hate can be expressed by narcissism. Self-hate can be expressed by narcissism. Narcissism is the excessive admiration of oneself and can be expressed in bountiful ways, self-hate can be putting oneself down, but the two can cross paths with someone who hates themselves while they show the acts of narcissism. Bragging on easy goals and carrying around a photo of oneself to remind themselves why they hate themselves are just a couple ways the appearance of narcissism can come about in a self-loathing person. Also being jealous of others so one might copy another and talking about a story where they failed, but cover the self-hate up by blaming the situation on someone else. So while one might look like a narcissist; they might hate themselves.

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