Napster vs. Constitution

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Napster vs. Constitution

The Y2K era is definitely one that can boast of the most technological advancements made in the past 50 years than in all the previous years combined. From gas-guzzling cars to energy conserving solar-powered automobiles, public libraries to information databases on the Internet, technology has improved our way of life considerably. But, like all good things, there are bad aspects that rise out of the great leaps we make in technology. Some aspects of the Internet are questioning the United States Constitution, which has been the foundation for our country for hundreds of years. Companies like Napster, a music file sharing program, is creating havoc among performing artists and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) due to possible copyright and piracy violations. Though Napster is a brilliant invention, allowing millions to share information, it should be shut down because it infringes on the constitution, which serves only to protect everyone's rights.

Napster is a program that allows members to download mp3 music files from another member's computer for no cost. Estimated 2 million Napster users are getting their music for free. After downloading music, users can burn with a CD-Rewriter, which supposedly eliminates the need for people to buy CDs. This causes the IRAA and performing artists to believe that they are loosing billions of potential royalties. Napster claims that the program or any of the programs users are not violating the law, and Napster should be allowed to continue operating. They say that under the Audio Home Recording Act (AHRA), consumers have the absolute right to create and transfer digital music for non-commercial purposes. The people at Napster are obviously t...

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...ay bring. Although such a doctrine exists, it does not apply to Napster because Napster infringes on the laws of the constitution.

Clearly, breaking the law cannot be excused and must be punished. Although the invention of Napster is a bright innovation, it can be put to much better use. It is amazing how many people can trade and store information with just one program. Yet, I believe that it is discerning to see it go against the constitution, which makes it a very serious problem. As I type, people all over the country are downloading songs that they did not pay for and it will continue until we put a stop to it. If technology leads to the breaking down of the laws, which have been set forth to protect us, it should be destroyed. No matter how great and amazing the invention may be, we cannot have it threaten the constitution which we have shed blood to write.

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