Napoleon Did Not Adhere to the Values of the French Revolution

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Once Napoleon had taken power in 1802, there was a large amount of speculation over how he would save France from all of their troubles. With various domestic and foreign problems, the people looked to Napoleon reform France back into the dominant power that it was before. There has been plenty of debate over if Napoleon’s implemented laws and ideas while he was the authoritative power depicted him as being a friend or a foe of the Revolution. The question being asked is did his policies on the social structure of society and his desire to restore an absolute ruler, cause him to be perceived as a friend or a foe of the values of the Revolution. This paper will consist of analysis of those two policies which were made in the time of Napoleon’s first ruling of France from his return to Egypt until his exile to Elba. Along with the two main sources to be used in this investigation, two other books were used for background information and for further evidence. One of them, titled Napoleon for Dummies, is a reference book giving a complete history of Napoleon, while the other one, The Reign of Napoleon Bonaparte, is a sequel to one of the main sources and was used for additional evidence to support points made in this paper. After all the success he had got and the titles he was blessed with, chances are Napoleon could not have upheld his revolutionary values in order to keep the authoritative power he had been given.

Part B: Summary of Evidence

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Napoleon Bonaparte had various policies, domestic and foreign, after coming to power. Firstly, the Revolution itself was based on having a dependable leader, creating a non-aristocratic society, and sustaining a good economy to meet the basic needs of every...

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...tles of honour mostly to the military, Napoleon creates a society where only a selected group of people benefit due to their positions in the hierarchy. This results in the clocks rolling back to a time known as the Old Regime. By focusing his promises and money into the military, peoples basic need are not going to be able to be met as easily. In the end, Napoleon does not uphold the values of the Revolution in these policies due to them being focused mainly what Napoleon values most, the military.

Part F: List of Sources

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