Naotubes Case Study

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Yes, nanotubes can be used in place copper tubes in practical scale. Nanotubes have a lower resistance than the copper tubes. When current is passed through high resistance materials, chances are that it will produce more amount of heat which may damage the circuit. When the current exceeds the cable safe’s capacity, chances are that the wire gets too hot and break. Moreover, nanotubes can almost carry 4 times as much as current than the copper wire of same mass. The conductivity of nanotubes is same as that of aluminium which is a good conductor than copper. Nanotubes are also lighter than copper wires so it gets easy to use these wires for transmission, where a large amount of metal is required. Now, what are transmission line losses? Transmitting…show more content…
Technical sales engineer • Prior sales experience within the field of inside sales for technical product • Minimum 5 years’ sales experience, with proficiency in use of CRM • Technical background, BS in science, MS+ preferred, chemical preferred • Capability to work in a dynamic growth oriented group 2. Senior R&D technician: • 5+ years of experience in a chemical process industries • Experience with wet chemical processing • Hands on experience with building and maintaining equipment • Ability to work in a fast paced entrepreneurial environment and respond to tight deadlines • Should be able to work with process equipment such as filters, pumps and centrifuges 3. Metamaterials research lead: • 5+ years of experience with hands-on laboratory work in metamaterials research • 5+ years of experience with project management • MS degree in EE, Physics or material science 4. Polymer scientist: • Doctoral degree with a concentration in macromolecular science and engineering • 3+ years of experience to include working in a university laboratory • 2+ years of practical post doctoral experience to include working in a government laboratory or industrial laboratory • Knowledge of polymer synthesis techniques, radical

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