Naomi Richards's The Positive Effects Of Divorce On Children

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On the other hand, Naomi Richards, in her article “The Positive Effects of Divorce on Children,” shares a different perception on the impact of divorce on children. When it appears that most researchers see the negatives in terms of how divorce affect children, Richards, on the contrary, argues that divorce benefits the children in various ways. According to her, divorce is the best solution that can happen to a marriage that is plagued by contention and strife. She claims that it is rather dangerous for a child to reside in such an environment because of vulnerability to a violent act. In other words, if a child constantly gets exposed to hostility between his/her parents; there is a propensity for that child to become hostile and violent…show more content…
Except for reasons based on life threatening situation, infidelity, and physical abuse; all other reasons for divorce should be critically scrutinized. For instance, why should the choice of food be a basis for divorce? This is not to say that some marriages will not end in divorce, but the obvious thing is that most couples seek divorce for the wrong reasons, thereby bringing untold hardship on their children in the end. In like manner, the populace needs to be informed on the statistics of divorce, the potential adverse effect it has on the children, and records of the misdemeanor that is associated with divorce. This is a good way to appeal to people’s emotion and also get them involved in the campaign against…show more content…
Fagan claims that over one million American Children bear the pain of their parents’ divorce. He argues that violence, juvenile crime, drug abuse, and low income are often associated with broken homes. He also states that research has shown that children from intact homes perform better academically, live healthier, are less involved in crimes or other destructive acts, But as divorce prevails, the cost of dealing with these problems also increases. Fagan alleges that the government commits a huge amount of money to deal with divorce-related problems and very little to prevent

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