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It is important for engineers to ensure that the research and development of nanotechnologies if reliable and cost effective. It is important that a nanodevice is able to interact with “chips in a circuit through an input/output system of interconnects”. [1] The casing of a nanodevice must be able to carry the device as well as protect it from damage. This packaging must; allow the flow of electrical current, transfer signals to and from the device, efficiently dissipate heat and provide protect from environmental factors. A packaging and testing industry has been established to ensure these guidelines are followed in high-volume nanotechnology production. [1] 3. MATERIALS AND MANUFACTURE 3.1 NANOMATERIAL MEMBRANES: Research is being done into nanotechnology after understanding its potential to be able to recover oil and gas. This is possible through the chemical composition difference between the gas and membrane material. The membrane is able to absorb selected elements allowing for effective separation. Nanomaterial membranes are preferred over the use of ceramic due to their resistance to cracking extreme heat resistance. These materials are used specifically for the removal, recovery and sequestration of carbon dioxide from gaseous products. By using this process, engineers are able to ensure purification of oil and gas flow while also having the ability to clean contaminated areas. [2] [3] 3.2 CARBON Carbon black has been discovered to be the most suitable material to be used in the nanotechnology industry. Carbon black is a suitable material for nanotechnology devices as it has ideal electrical conductivity/insulation. Its properties are determined according to the size of the device and also chemical composition. [4] [5] ... ... middle of paper ... ...option to conventional methods of farming. Nanotechnology can be used as a controller to prevent overuse and reduce run-off from fertilizers and pesticides used in farming. “Networks of nanosensors could be deployed to enable real-time monitoring of crops and soil and climatic conditions for optimization of the use of resources and increased crop yields.” [8] The advancements made in the agriculture industry allows farmers to protect their crops from drought and disease. In the food industry, nanotechnology is utilised to preserve flavour enhancers as well as other additives and nutrients. Like the agriculture industry, sensors may be introduced to monitor food quality and safety, detecting any microorganisms that may be present. One area of concern is that engineers are unaware of risks that may be presented by the toxicity of the monitoring devices themselves. [8]

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