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“Imagine a technology so powerful that it will allow such feats as desktop manufacturing, cellular repair, artificial intelligence, inexpensive space travel, clean and abundant energy, and environmental restoration; a technology so portable that everyone can reap its benefits; a technology so fundamental that it will radically change our economic and political systems; a technology so imminent that most of us will see its impact within our lifetimes. Such is the promise of Nanotechnology.” Kai Wu

What is Nanotechnology?

Early in the 20th century, Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, built a factory on 2,000 acres of property in where huge machines, and a massive assembly line and everything needed to build an automobile was located on sight. At the time, bigger was better to mass-produce this new up and coming “transportation technology”. With the passing of time, we have moved away from the idea of “bigger is better” and with the advancements of the computer technology, and medicine world finding out ways of improving the way of life at a microscopical level, “smaller and smaller will be better”. One such technological advancement that will function at this microscopical level will be nanotechnology.

Like the many humans that live on earth and on this universe, you might have heard a little scientific phrase along the lines of, “atoms are the building blocks for all matter”. Or, atoms are the very reason of our existence. Nature is the main reason for piecing all these types of atoms together and creating and enabling us to create all that surrounds us. What if we were able to produce our own atoms and make them behave the way we wanted them to and not simply live by the rules mother-nat...

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...nd achieve a better way of life. Yes, nanotechnology can become harmful to the human race but only if we handle it the wrong way. Nanotechnology should be handled in a way where it is only beneficiary to human kind and should be specialized to these areas only. If nanotechnology is, in fact, realized, it might be the human race's greatest scientific achievement yet, completely changing every aspect of the way we live


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