Nanotechnologies and Solar Energy

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The main purpose of green nanotechnology has been to develop clean technologies that would minimize potential human and environmental health risk. Also, to encourage replacement of existing products with the clean technologies that is more environmentally friendly. There are many benefits of using green nanotechnologies as the new solution for energy in both their current availability and their current development. Over the new few decades, the highest growth opportunities will come from application of nanomaterials for making better use of existing resources. Nanotechnologies will help reduce weight of carbon emission in transportation utilizing nanocomposite materials that quickly diffuses across the automotive and aerospace industries. Applications of nanotechnologies will result in a global annual savings of 8000 tons of carbon dioxide, which will rise even further to over millions tons by 2020. But, let’s focus on the positive effects of Green Nanotechnology in Solar. Although Solar Energy is a flexible source of where energy could be directly or indirectly converted into forms of energy, it’s still not perfect. With its inefficiency, scientists are trying to find alternative solution to store solar cells for as long as possible. The main process of capturing solar energy happens at the nanoscale. With solar cells, it gets more efficient the tinier it gets. The converting rate of solar energy is equally price competitive as fossil fuel, with a dollar per watt of solar energy. With the help of nanotechnology, it could help raise solar energy conversion efficiency and help lower costs making it the ultimate method of raw energy conversion. To make sure the process of generating energy is kept at a low cost and energy output... ... middle of paper ... ...n, Japan have been looking at new ways to improve their energy production. However, rather than using nanotechnology to absorb sunlight, their main focus is looking into the mechanics and possible machinery they can create through nanotech. Since development and invention takes time and money, some people question if it’s worth the effort. Some scientist are looking into another way for clean solution that doesn’t require as much funding and as much time. Nanotechnology is the answer for solar energy. With electrical device being used 24/7 and electricity on high demand, we need to constantly produce energy. Nanotechnology can help rise efficiency up to 40% which allows a normal panel module to produce around 30 watts per square foot. That’s 1.3 mWh for one acre. With this advancement in the process of development, soon there won’t be any energy crisis.
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