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The purpose of this paper was to become familiar with the Karrman Library at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. The idea was to help students learn how to use the campus resources, and the best way to enforce this idea was to make it an assignment. Each student had the choice of choosing one of the two following options: “Bio-mimicks” or “Nanotechnology”. They were to write a report on what they had learned through the experience of retrieving information from the library, and how they used the information to learn about the subject they chose. We chose nanotechnology because we have heard of the term before and were intrigued about the idea that one could create useful mechanisms on a molecular level.

After the eight o’clock Engineering Success Skills class on Thursday morning, we walked straight over to Karrman Library. It was difficult to know where to begin looking, so we headed over to the small reference office in the back where a lady helped us find the books. She explained where everything in the library was at, and helped us to become familiar with the library’s organizational system. Like any other library, this one too, used the Dewey decimal system. All three of us proceeded upstairs, and she showed us where the technology section was. Then she pointed out the book, Introduction to Nanotechnology, a book far more complicated than it would have appeared with a glance at its cover. The librarian was very pleased that we were interested in this subject, and she explained that the University of Wisconsin-Platteville was trying to approve a major for nanotechnology which may be available next fall. At this point the lady that had helped so much had left to go help others in need. We went back downstairs to the Check-Out desk, and checked out the book the librarian had found earlier. Then we proceeded to find other information on the computer using the information available to us through electronic journals. After this we left to go work on this paper.

To many researchers in the scientific community, nanotechnology is not a new application of science. Scientists have been involved and intrigued with research at the “nano” level ever since the invention of the electron microscope. However, while the scientific community may be familiar with the term “nanotechnology” not all of the public has been educated about this science.