Nancy G. Brinker, A True Leader

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“More than 100,000 women will be diagnosed as having breast cancer this year,'' Mrs. Brinker said. “I want to find a way to deal with it before it spreads, and I don't want these women to suffer the way my sister did (Klemesrud, 1985).” Regarded as the leader of the breast cancer movement Nancy G. Brinker is one of the most influence women of our century. Brinker, as a promise to her dying sister, Susan G. Komen, she would do anything in her power to put an end to the devastation of this disease. Brinker as CEO and founder of the Susan G. Komen foundation raises awareness and leads the pack on research. That research is needed to find a solution to breast cancer that pulages today’s generations. Nancy started the organization by gathering names of those with and affected by breast cancer, hand-typing letters of support to each gathered address, and she was able to collect funds to start her foundation. Nancy began the organization with a meager two-hundred dollars. With those funds, she was able to organize her very first fundraiser. (Komen, 2011) A great leader has many different qualities that that enable them to reach their agenda, which in Brinker’s case an agenda for the people. Nancy Brinker is a great leader because she is tenacious, determined, and educated. She is the leader who will not stop until she sees breast cancer is eliminated.

Brinker has proven she is full of integrity and ethics, when she made her promise to her dying sister that she will become breast cancer’s biggest nemesis. She not only has been the sibling to a victim of breast cancer she has also battled with breast cancer herself. Nancy G. Brinker was declared cancer free in just a few years after her struggle started and has remained cancer free for ov...

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...rted on two-hundred dollars millions of times over. These are all the reasons Nancy G. Brinker, the founder and CEO of Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation is the female leader of our generation.

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