Name of the Rose

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A religious hypocrisy, Name of The Rose was directed by Jean Jacques Annaud and produced by 20th Century Fox. The main characters are Brother William of Baskerville and, his novice, Adso. The other characters are the Abbott, a peasant girl, Bernado Gui, Salvatore, and Remigo. The story is set in 1327 in a dark gloomy abbey in northern Italy. The movie is set around the belief that the devil has taken over the abbey. Adso, the novice to the main character, narrates the story. Monks are dying and there is no explanation for their death. All of the men have been found dead and their index fingers and tongues have been stained with ink. Adso, has come along to help William but finds himself questioning his own beliefs. After separating from William he is seduced by the peasant girl and has sex with her. Continuing to question his way of life he reconnects with William. Brother William is putting together the pieces and comes close to solving the mystery but is denied assess, by the librarian, to the secret room in the library. William goes to the Abbott with his findings and asks permission to enter the library. After being denied by him also, William is informed that is has been relieved of his duties. Bernado Gui will be arriving soon and taking over. There is an unpleasant past between William and Bernado. As Bernado goes about his trials, believing witchcraft is to blame he sentences three innocent people to burn; meanwhile, Brother William and saying that another will be found and he too will have burnt finger. During the burnings another body is found and Brother William sneaks away to enter the library. While he is there he finds the blind monk lacing the pages of the book with arsenic. Upon further investigation William finds out the book is the 2nd Book of Poetics by Aristotle. The monk nocks over the torch and sets the library on fire. William tells Adso to get out. William saves as many books as possible and escapes. Once he gets out him and Adso leave the abbey. On the way home Adso comes in contact with the peasant girl and is tossed between her and monk life. He leaves her behind and keeps traveling with William.

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