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Within our science fiction unit, two stories in particular have left the biggest impression. Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes and Timo Vuorensola’s take on life on the moon and its inhabitants involvement in an implied World War III, Iron Sky, both contain aspects that compel and also propel readers and viewers, but they also include facets that leave the audience guessing and incorporate two specific characters that while on the surface do not have much in common, but their shared ignorance to social queues allows them to be categorized together. The story of Charlie Gordon’s miraculous transformation from mental retardation to intellectual genius is self narrated in Flowers for Algernon. Keyes’s address characterizes Charlie as a friendly and trusting man, and he assumes that the people in his life are as well intentioned and kind as he is. Unfortunately, his naivety and mental deficiencies prohibit him from identifying his friends, coworkers, and doctors for who they truly are. As his intelligence grows, however, Charlie uncovers the reality of his social life. He discovers that his “friends” at work had often taken advantage of his inferiority and manipulated him into doing things for their own personal entertainment. Similarly, he realizes that those who have been kind to him, the doctors who administered and oversaw his operation, have usually been acting out of selfishness, only furthering Charlie’s advancements in order to gain scientific recognition and wealth. These realizations evolve into constant suspicion, and Charlie is unable to trust, inadvertently distancing himself from everyone, similarly to how his disability had. He was once again out of the loop and failed to fit in. Charlie even forces himself to cut o... ... middle of paper ... ...on of Adler’s real motives: genocide. She had been deceived by the power of the Reich. Returning to the moon, Renate confronts Adler, how has declared himself the new Führer, after killing the previous, Kortzfleisch. Terminating him with a simple stiletto heel, Renate breaks free of her deception. While international nuclear warfare consumes the Earth, Renate is reunited with Washington (who has reversed the aryan process) and stabbing her devotion to the Reich further, kisses him before a group of astonished Nazi refugees. While Charlie Gordon and Renate Richter do not have a lot in common, they both held onto false beliefs in the goodness of others and with their naivety, were easily manipulated by those they advocated most for. Their strength to overcome these components unite their stories and make them the most likeable characters of our science fiction unit.
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