Nairobi : A City Established Between Kampala And Mombasa

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Nairobi, a city established between Kampala and Mombasa. Nairobi is positioned at 1° 17′ 0″ S, 36° 49′ 0″ E. It is contiguous around the East side of a place called the Rift Valley where tremors and large earthquakes are a common occurrence. It is a large territory about 696 km squared in total area, which is about 270 miles, and it holds a population of about 3,336,000 citizens. Nairobi is considered south-central Kenya and is 140 km (87 miles) south of the equator. Nairobi is one of the largest cities in Africa to be exact it is the 14th largest city and has the second highest population in Africa. Nairobi is a beautiful wonderful city that has many cultural and historical places of interest. Nairobi is considered to be one of the most financially secure and politically secure cities in all of Africa. The mixture of ethnicity, rich history and culture has an impact on every particular aspect of life in the city. The city’s name stems from the Phrase Maasai Ewaso Nyirobi, which literally meanis"cool waters". Many of the original inhabitants of the land have a several different translation the most common one being the“Green City in the Sun”. The major language spoken is English and Kiswahili. English is the officially authorized, commerce and organizational language whereas Kiswahili remnants the “lingua franca”. Nairobi was originally founded in 1899 as a supply railroad station intended for the Uganda Railway, which was intended to be constructed between Mombasa and Uganda. The railroad Station was also stationed in Nairobi because of the network of rivers and it supplied the people with enough water and the elevation could help people settle down. Before Nairobi was discovered it was just basically an isolat... ... middle of paper ... ...of Nairobi which also causes conflict among the citizens. Nairobi is a beautiful place filled with customs and traditions from both Africa and Europe along with other parts of the world. Its economy revolves around tourism, and it has capitalized on its long history as a gambling center, drawing many thousands of visitors from the main different places in the world. Not only is it known for being the capital, but it is also a place where one can enjoy the traditional Nairobi culture while also enjoying the different customs and traditions that are newly instilled . Moreover, I believe that Nairobi is one of the prime locations to visit at some point in life. It has a mixture of various lifestyles with them all being located within very short distances from each other. It’s a blended pot of a suburban and urban lifestyle with much to do.

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