Naions Must Balance Globalization and Localization

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International politics offers many examples of both globalization and localization. Currently, a trend from localization to globalization has been ignited by technologically advanced communication. Both globalization and localization have costs and benefits that effect a country's politics, economics, and culture.

To begin, globalization is a process of nations, corporations, and individuals moving from a national level to an international level. James Rosenau states, "Globalization seems appropriate to denote the something that is changing humankind's preoccupation with territoriality and traditional arrangements of the state system (Purkitt, 15)." As globalization enters our political, economic, and cultural worlds, it has both costs and benefits to society as a whole.

Politically, countries around the globe face challenges as globalization forces them to alter their government's policies to remain in coexistence with other nations. In order to stay in competition, new national laws may be enacted in response to foreign nations growing economically and politically. Consequently, these new laws may in fact hurt the local communities in order to advance the nation as a whole. For example, Russia, within the past few years, has reconstructed the once communist government into a democratic parliamentary system. As technology and economies around the world became more international, Russia was being left in the dust. The country wanted to remain a super power. So, they revised their political system. As they revised their system and the iron gates of Russia opened, international products bombarded the country. Local businesses could not compete with the low prices, since the government had not yet put price controls on imports...

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...ained and uncompromised.

All in all, a nation and a community should have a balance between globalization and localization. People should experience other cultures as well as develop and practice their own customs. Communities and nations should allow free trade as long as their local businesses maintain satiability. Granted, unemployment will increase or decrease depending on price of labor. However, nations should monitor unemployment levels and expand or limit trade, respectively. Governments should work together to create laws that respond to the needs of communities around the world. At the same time, each government must also protect its own country from internal affairs. If the world can create a place with in which political, economical, and cultural globalization and localization are in balance, then the interests of society and individuals will be met.
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