Nainani Medico Case Study

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In the long term I want to be a successful CEO of Nainani Medico, a family owned wholesale pharmaceutical distribution, by gradually gaining substantial experience in various business functions. Eventually, as CEO, I will be moving towards Nainani Medico’s strategic mission i.e. to become India’s largest wholesaler pharmaceutical distributor. To achieve mission, I will increase its existing reach out from 1200 retail clients in 8500 miles2 territory to pan India retailers. Furthermore, I will expand Nainani Medico’s present scale i.e. single warehouse stocking 24000 different medicines, 134 employees and USD 12 million in revenue by establishing multiple warehouses. My aspiration formed while reviving Nainani Medico’s call center, which was…show more content…
Thus I was able to reduce initial 160 apartments Kanchenjunga project cost USD 4.11 million by 14 %. Though experience gained in real estate sourcing materials will help me to apply my skills at Nainani Medico, I need an accelerated overall operation management learning through MBA with supply chain focus. The fast pace learning will help my career transition smoothly from real estate to wholesale distribution and will help me to achieve ultimate goal much…show more content…
Rice MBA unique learning proposition through hands-on learning in Action Learning Project will be only my chance to work in US company briefly. Working for 13 weeks with team in US company will shorten my training period before coming back to Nainani Medico. The international exposure at Rice will give me different perspective not only professionally but also personally. These assertions were conformed while attending the information session at New Delhi. As I have lived in south India and U.K., I am eager to broaden my diversity exposure by contributing at Jones School. Rice MBA will lay my path for deserving succession by equipping me with solid foundations in management skills, leadership ability and necessary networking to achieve strategic expansion

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