Nadini Milk Case Study

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Nature of business carried:  Milk procurement.  Processing of milk and milk products in the dairy.  Distribution of milk and milk products to the market. To perform these function there are also three main departments:  Procurement and input departments  Production departments  Marketing departments Products profile: Milk: milk formed as a vital part of human diet due to having high nutrition valve. It also been regarded as one of the most complete food items due to its composition consisting of proteins, carbohydrates, fat minerals and vitamins. Types of Nandini milk are: Types of Nandini milk products are as follows: o Curds o Butter and ghee o Sweet lassi o Gulab Jamun o Butter masala milk o Peda and diced paneer o Flavoured…show more content…
It also has its plant at Mangalore and Manipal whereas chilling centre located at Puttur. • Mangalore dairy plant: Mangalore dairy plant in DKMU deals with processing of milk and manufacturing of milk products and packaging its product. It also sells 3.30 lakhs liters of milk per day through its dealers and milk parlours. The reason for the demand for milk is increasing due to an increase of population in the Mangalore district. • Manipal dairy plant: it deals with processing, manufacture and packing of milk for udupi district. And also has 80,500 litres per day handling capacity. • Putter chilling centre: The Mangalore dairy takes an overall in charge for putter chilling centre and it has capacity of 20,500 litres per day. Infrastructure facilities: DKMU It is well designed organization in which employees are very much comfortable to work. The organization have been managed to give various facilities to employees to achieve desired goal so that employees can well concentrated to work…show more content…
DKMU holds a majority of share in the market it also enjoys competition. Sri Krishna Dairy pvt ltd, Herur, Udupi District it have covered the some areas of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada. It also doing business related to field of dairy sector. In area of udupi it have been covered some remote areas where DKMU have been not reached. Sri Krishna dairy is trying to compete with DKMU in field Procurement and marketing of milk. It is adopting new strategy as per demand and supply for milk products in the market. Other than, Sri Krishna Dairy PVT, Ltd, Amul and Arogya also giving bit of competition. For DKMU some time in Mangalore even local milk seller and they sell milk at cheaper rate compare to Nandini pricing strategy. SWOT Analysis: SWOT analysis a method used to evaluate overall strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. We can also analyse non tangible asset of organization through this method. A SWOT analysis is way to measure overall performance that has already existed in nature. The success or failure is depended on which situation that they are handling

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