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An authority figure is a person whose real or apparent authority over others inspires or demands obedience and emulation. Never Let Me Go is a scientific fiction novel written by Kazuo Ishiguro, in which multiple authority figures exist, impacting the character throughout the novel. A young girl attends a special school for clones, as part of an experiment. The goal of this school is to study the clones' actions and the effects different forms of art have. As a clone grows older, he/she is sent to the cottages, a farm where they must work. Subsequently, they develop careers, similar to nurses, however, they help other clones. The final stride is organ donation. The clones' bodies are stripped to the minimum, still giving them a chance to survive. If they survive, living with one liver, half a lung, one kidney etc., they are free to start their adventure in the real world. At Hailsham, the school the clones grow up in, there are two main authority figures that certainly impact their development: Miss Emily, the Head Guardian at Hailsham and Keffer, the custodian at the cottages. I suggest that both authority figures are very dominant, influential and demand respect. Miss Emily is more of a caring mother while Keffers is a grumpy care taker. In the early stages of a clone's life the main authority figure is Miss Emily. Even though she is the head guardian at Hailsham, the students respect her and feel safe around her. "It was like she had some extra sense" (Ishiguro 40). Miss Emily has a strict and dominating appearance, "She wasn't especially tall, but something about the way she carried herself, always very straight with her head right up, made you think she was," (Ishiguro 39).¬ It continues by saying, "We were all pretty scar... ... middle of paper ... ...simply doesn’t work. The clones do not respect him nearly as much as Miss Emily and when he tries to take control, for example the magazines, it is not effective. Miss Emily has taken care of the students from an early stage, however when Keffers tries to take control when they are much older, the influence or ability to control is not the same. In the end, Miss Emily and Keffers can both be seen as an authority figure, however Miss Emily is more of a parental authority and Keffers a cranky care taker. The influence that these authority figures have on different times of the development of the students is very important. The difference is when these figures came into the students' lives, as it results in a different relationship and connection. An authority figure has a major responsibility, which despite their differences both Miss Emily and Keffers fulfilled.

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