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The NSA Surveillance is a huge issue right now. Many people are outraged by what they heard about the NSA spying and collecting data on US citizens. Edward Snowden first leaked classified files on the NSA surveillance program sometime during June, 2013. He later leaked files about the tactics they use and programs they have such as PRISM and XKEYSCORE. The US government first issued monitoring of internet data and calls in 2001 a couple weeks after 9/11. They did warrant-less searches from 2001-2007 until new laws were passed and policies were changed. There are many sites and companies that participate in handing over customer data to the US Government. Some of the major ones being AT&T, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Skype. The NSA has many different ways of possessing information such as internet data and cell phone data. Not to mention they’re using “Ant” programs which allow them to receive data, call, search and messaging history from your phone, computers, tablets, you name it. The NSA spying tactics are putting fear in the eyes of the people, if they keep this up will it affect the of freedom of many US citizens or will it have bitter consequences for the US government.
The NSA stands for the National Security Agency and was established on November 4th, 1952. The NSA is a program created by the US government and former president Harry Truman. The NSA is used for global monitoring and analysis of foreign intelligence. The program specializes in code breaking and supplying crucial or important information found to the US government or military. The NSA also gathers important information that the government wishes to keep secret and defends it from being stolen or damaged. The NSA spying scandal all started when a man named Ed...

... middle of paper ... as it voids the 4th amendment and the rights that the people have. They only need to be 51% sure that you are a foreigner to start collecting data on your and view your personal information. Is it fair to the people that the US government collect data on you without even having a search warrant I don’t think so. Many people are still outraged by the files leaked from the past year regarding their spying tactics, and not to mention anyone that reveals these secrets are immediately criminals for revealing government documents. Is this just a big misunderstanding blown up by the media like many other leaks regarding politics? Or is it actually something to worry about and that will make us keep one eye open at night? I’m not sure but what I do know is that this is a huge issue right now and if not handled the future may be looking dark and privacy may be the past.
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