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According to Angela Fisher (2006) respect is about treating each service user as an individual, whatever their age or abilities. It involves treating them with dignity and valuing them for whom they are. Every staff in the Sunrise care home should have access to source provided by the company, thus smoking area, television room, hours of break and also entitled to holidays or sick leave if qualified. Staff should be treated equally according to the regulations governing the workplace and with respect, no one should be left out or be discriminated against due to their disability, race, gender, age or treating someone less favourable than the other against the law for Legislation act. Good employers – recruiting on merit, offering training and opportunities to all staffs regardless of background. Responsive – able to provide a sensitive, appropriate and highly professional service to all sections of society. Sources; ( A sunrise care home provides professional service to it is an entire staff by providing ongoing training for each and every one and also involving its staff in regular meeting in planning how best to lead the care home forward. It's the responsibility of the employer to provide their staff with the necessary information they need, by explaining to their level of understanding and should be clear, don't too fast or too slow for the staff to understand, their body language when passing out information or receiving information that is their (voice tone, eye contact and gestures) when these are used correctly or inappropriate manner that will determine the level of respect from the workplace organisation to their staff. Neil (Moonie 2002) Confidentiality is ... ... middle of paper ... ...efault.asp?ti=824). Confidentiality can also be broken through the carelessness of the organization. It’s the duty of every staff when recording information (a written file), that record should be locked in a locked cupboard with secured password, which employer to those has access to such record, and this should be done in or at a safer place to avoid it getting lost or to prevent it from the third person. There should also be someone in charge of the Data’s, as is not all staffs has access to that record can update the record. When the data are being kept on an electronic device, then the one in charge must make sure to have a password secure of the computer for only authorised staff have access and also there should be a copy in case the original data get loss or damage, and also that copy should be kept in a safer place with a secure password (N Moonie 2000)

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