NFL Stadium: Football And Football, Football Vs. City

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Other options include sharing stadiums between teams in the same cities. These could be teams of different sports such as football and baseball. The point of stadium sharing is retaining the same, if not more revenue, and cut out as much public funding as possible (Swindell, Rosentraub, 1998, p. 19). Since professional teams do not play all year round there is still plenty of room for teams to intermingle games, while also holding other entertainment events for maximum revenue (Swindell, Rosentraub, 1998, p. 19). Cities could also figure out good ways to tax the people who want stadiums more than the ones who do not, like a luxury tax. This strategy would allow the economy to focus on a particular target market and the ones who want to spend …show more content…

The first is that it provides a certain quality of life to the people, and the second is that it costs a ton of money, and its not economically friendly. So, now there is a dilemma, what is more important to a city, happiness or a strong economy? However, there is no correct answer to that question and that is why this topic has been so controversial over the past few decades. Cities want to have a strong economy, but they also want entertainment and pleasure. The problem isn’t that cities and fans choose to pay millions for stadiums, which could make them happy, the problem is how NFL teams swindle there way into taxpayers pockets and use false propaganda to their …show more content…

Each one of these persuasive reasons to build a stadium can all be argued against, or proven inconsistent. Teams might threaten to leave, but normally they are false threats and just try to use their power of “franchise free agency”. Losing a team is actually really rare, most team owners prefer to stay in their own city and keep trying for a new stadium even if their bluff has been called (DeMause, 2011, p. 14). It is clear that NFL stadiums do bring in some form of economic value, but it isn’t always as beneficial as they claim. Professor Frank Rashid said “Public subsidies for stadiums are a great deal for team own- ers, league executives, developers, bond attorneys, construction firms, politicians and everyone in the stadium food chain, but a really terrible deal for everyone else”(DeMause, 2011, p. 14). It is true that fans have an incredible role in aiding their teams, but should people who aren’t fans be unfairly taxed the same amount even though they are not willing to have the same amenity? Shouldn’t fans have to pay a set of taxes that affect them in

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that there are two general outcomes that can come from building an nfl stadium. the first is that it provides a certain quality of life to the people, while the second is expensive and not economically friendly.
  • Argues that nfl stadiums bring in some form of economic value, but it isn't always as beneficial as they claim.
  • Opines that cities need to band together and hold nfl teams accountable or they will be used by the franchise that encompasses them.
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