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There is a growing debate as to whether or not student-athletes should be paid. NCAA was much simpler back when President Theodore Roosevelt helped to create it in 1906. Then, it was an institute for regulating certain rules and supporting the sports that everyone loved. Yet now in the 21st century, the NCAA is a billion dollar company that keeps growing. The increasing possibility of the unionization has brought more and more attention to whether student-athletes should be paid. The opinion varies across the board – with some saying that the possibility of a student-athlete seems unfair to those who see the athletes as receiving special treatment with full rides to colleges and universities. “The hope is a union for university athletes concentrates on the competitive environment, not on payments” (Bondy, Web). Many questions are connected to how it would be implemented when college sports create little revenue. There is only profit seen from football and basketball, which would discriminate against the rest of the athletes from other sports. The topic requires an explanation as to where the funds to pay students would come from. Will this be written in a contract or a regular per-hour job? And, if the school were to make little profit while the expenses continued to grow, would the NCAA pay the student-athletes instead of the schools?
The advantages to paying students have been presented in numerous forms. The students lead a fast-paced schedule where most are not able to find time to dedicate to an outside job. Paying student-athletes would fulfill the role of having a part-time job that would otherwise be impossible to have. Through their education, students can learn skills that promote proper financial practices to help them ...

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