NBC: The Most Watched Television Network

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NBC: The Most Watched Television Network

What makes any company successful? It could be anything from a hard work ethic, a wise decision based on experience, or even luck. Essentially there all kinds of ways that make a company successful. For the last seventy-five years one television network has beat others to capture such a large audience, making it the most watched network. That network is the National Broadcasting Company, otherwise known as NBC. The combination of its television shows, national and local news programs, and history has allowed it to grow into one of the top successful networks.

In the beginning NBC was a radio network created by the Radio Corporation of America, also known as RCA, in 1926. (Straubhaar, 2002) Right then and there NBC started to compete with the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). They still compete to today. An example is CBS airing Survivor on Thursday night at the same time as NBC’s number one show, Friends, airs. By the 1940s, NBC became a television network. (NBC, 2001) The many reasons as to how NBC is successful are because of its many ground breaking innovations that were soon followed by other networks. NBC was the first permanent broadcasting network, first U.S. coast-to-coast radio broadcast, first license for a commercial television station, first to offer an early-morning news program, first color telecast, first made for television movie, and the first major television network to launch a web offering. (NBC, 2001)

In addition to paving the way for other networks, NBC owns and operates thirteen stations. The stations are located in large cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and Miami. With these stations and their affiliates, NBC i...

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...ds of employees and the help of jointed businesses, NBC has made its way into almost every family room in the United States and five other continents. NBC is a prime example of a small company that made its way in the world by pleasing its audience and keeping up with the times, to come out on top. Their dedication and hard work has enabled them to become a successful company.

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains how the national broadcasting company, or nbc, has become one of the top successful networks.
  • Explains how nbc is successful because of its many ground-breaking innovations that were soon followed by other networks.
  • Explains that nbc owns and operates thirteen stations in large cities such as new york, los angeles, chicago, dallas, and miami.
  • Explains that nbc's comedy, drama, and specials have won ratings polls and television critic’s appraise. they have hit shows such as friends, will & grace, the west wing, er, saturday night live, law
  • Explains that nbc shows 25 hours of news programs with shows like dateline, today, and nightly news with tom brokaw.
  • Analyzes how nbc has been criticized by some for how they air the olympics, when in reality all the viewers see are the four or five different events.
  • Explains that nbc pays a handsome fee for airing the olympics and then in turn shows most of the hours taped on the other two cable channels. wallace also writes about how the canada broadcasting company paid less to air the events.
  • Explains that cnbc is owned by nbc and dow jones, who produces the wall street journal. market week is a weekly half-hour show broadcast live from the floor of the new york stock exchange.
  • Explains that msnbc, owned by nbc and microsoft, is based on giving news 24 hours a day and providing breaking news when it occurs.
  • Explains that nbc has achieved what every major television network hopes to achieve: top-rated shows and news programs, along with a large audience watching their network.
  • Cites straubhaar, joseph, and larose, robert. media now communications in the informationage. belmont: wadsworth, thompson learning, 2002.
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