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NAEGELI Deposition and Trial is a fully licensed litigation support firm that has been at the forefront of providing superb court reporting and litigation support services to the entire legal community in the United States for more than three decades. With just a text or call, we can provide you with professional videographers and court reporters in Tacoma, Washington, and other key cities in the country. Our proficient team of court reporters in Tacoma, WA consists of professionally trained court reporters with years of courtroom experience, considered to be among the best in the county when it comes to providing quality deposition and trial support services. With our Founder and CEO, Marsha J. Naegeli at the helm of affairs, our company …show more content…

We maintain a team of seasoned Tacoma court reporters and devoted technical crew who work as a family to ensure that we constantly provide our clients with the best litigation support services they deserve. Our court reporters in Tacoma, WA make use of the most current, user friendly technologies to make our services more efficient and handle complex videoconferencing situations. With strict compliance to HIPAA and PII quality assurance regulations, our Tacoma court reporters will certainly treat your legal documents with deep respect and complete confidentiality. Our clients trust us to be very discrete in our services, which is why we maintain a firm chain of protection when it comes to handling your documents. When it comes to providing customized court reporting in Tacoma, WA our company is well known for delivery qualitative services skilled tailored to meet the special needs of our clients. Our skilled WA court reporters know how delicate depositions and trials can be Which is why we always allocate a case manager to every client that requests for services, so as to maintain a strong line communication between our clients and

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