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So often, it In order to illustrate if popular culture has affected romantic relationship is by viewing different snapshots of time to see if there has been a shift in this idea. Does popular culture and television influence romantic relationships?
Harrington demonstrates that fictional representations of women are the reason for the depression of long-lasting relationships. In essence, Harrington shows that mass media affects the female audience primarily. When love is portrayed, specifically, Soap Opera’s, it favors the expectations of female viewers. “In general, what a soup opera depicts reflects norms and more about women’s place in the social order (Harrington, 130)” Ultimately, Harrington argues that women are the only individuals that are affected by the representation of romantic relationships in films. Harrington is very cautious when discussing this point in his essay. He refrains from using subjective language, and he vaguely mentions this idea in the essay. He goes on to give examples of fictional female characters in the 1980s and the nature of their relationship. Harrington illustrates that women don’t have a relatable example of the women in films; therefore, the ones that are portrayed distort their view of relationships and how they should be depicted. In a sense, because of the lifestyle of those on television are not closely related to reality, it makes it harder to realize which elements are appropriate for romantic relationships and families. Moreover, the idealism of a family puts more pressure on a couple; therefore leading to divorce.
The article, “Divorce In The United States Vs. In China,” shows that Asian relationships last longer than American relationships. However, the focus of this paper will conc...

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...arranged marriages—has be misrepresented and censored. The views of arranged marriages in the media are mostly negative. “White women and White men bothe emphasized the brutality and coercion inherent—in their minds—in the arranged marriage system. Many regarded it as akin to rape (Penn, Page Number)”. The speaker’s word choice clearly shows the emotion of fear because the words such as “coercion” and “brutality” have harsh consonant sounds and threatening connotations. By using these words it leads the audience to feel what misrepresented people feel when they see media reports on arranged marriages. Penn is very thorough with his ideas breaking it up to perspectives of different races. Plus, his stance on arranged marriage is very subtle and nearly unrecognizable. This makes Penn extremely credible because the audience will feel like he’s removed from the issue.
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