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The application of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have greatly enhanced the production of shale gas, which consequently have become a significant energy source for generating electricity and securing domestic energy safety. Hydraulic fracturing has become more controversial over recent years due to its growth and environmental concerns. The Energy Institute at The University of Texas at Austin assembled experts in various field to develop the fact-based regulations of shale gas and therefore provide scientific ground for policy maker. However, the industry tie with Dr.Groat did not disclose in the report and therefore caused the mistrust of the study.
A main fear for the public is that the process of hydraulic fracturing may contaminate underground water. This negative perception turns out to be the barrier of further development of shale gas. Instead of the emotional opinions, scientific research from the Energy Institute without bias is a good approach to fully understand the impacts of hydraulic fracturing on the environment. It is a credible study by holding neutral stand and investigating every aspect of the issue: the environment impacts, government regulations and public perceptions. The final report of the study, called separating science than friction in shale gas development, uncovers some profound findings in the real role of hydraulic fracturing playing in the environment issues. First of all, researchers did not find evidence of water pollution resulted by common chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing and observed no leakage in the fracturing process at depth.(1 )More specific explanation is that the effects of chemicals are reduced owing to the high biodegradability and injected dep...

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...explain why he concealed the information and if his potential conflicts of interest influence in the research. What the school should have implemented is to conduct an internal investigation as soon as possible and inform public what the problem is. Dr.Groat also should have apologized for his mistake that resulted in the impairment of the accountability of the study.
As we know, the industry sponsor researches make great contributions on the progress of advanced technologies and civilized society. Nevertheless, the connections between industry and academic institutions should be visible for the users of academic studies to evaluate the degree of accountability effectively. This ethical problem warns us that the failure on presenting real or potential conflicts of interest with the study would cost the public trust which is hard to gain back in the future.

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