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One of the important phases of a student’s life is the specialization in a Graduate Program. This decision can change a person’s career, taking him to greater heights in life. In my case this decision was not made in a day or two rather years of thinking has gone into my decision-making. Undergraduate course does not satisfy my thirst to acquire knowledge. I realized that only through graduate study would my thirst be satiated. Keeping up a curious and preliminary attitude, I believe, leads to a continuous learning process. This approach adds to the already extensive potential for creating and implementing new ideas that exist in this field. Every new day sees the launch of a revolutionary technology and every passing day makes it obsolete. Perhaps this very aspect of Computer Science seriously compelled me to consider it as a profession. So I have decided to pursue Master of Science in Computer Science with specialization in Software Engineering. It was in my nineteenth year when I chose to major in "Computer Science and Engineering” Right from the age of ten, I was given the opportunity to gain acquaintance with computer. My passion for computers started when I used to play computer games during my childhood. I have always felt fortunate for being under the tutelage of all the teachers in my schooling. After securing 85.4% in my 10th Central Board of Secondary Examination with an aggregating percentage of 92% in Mathematics and Sciences I decided to choose the same stream at my Pre-University level. A first successful step in the direction of realizing my ultimate career objective came when I was ranked in top 6% amongst estimated 1,50,000 students in a state wide entrance examination for admission into undergraduate programs. B... ... middle of paper ... ... the best way possible. If given an opportunity, as a member of your excellent team would pave the way in fulfilling my long-terms goals. The highly competitive atmosphere and intellectual environment would bring out the best in me and this is the sole reason for choosing your university for the graduate program. In brief I want to say that I am keen to join Illinois Institute of Technology. I would work with diligence and commitment if given an opportunity in the graduate program of your university. So I want to say that I would give my best to meet the standards of your college and it will be my privilege to be a graduate student in your university. I request that my application be considered even if there is a slight chance for admission with financial aid. Hence I would like to take up master’s program in your esteemed university to fulfil my career objectives.

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