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I grew up as a foster child under DCYF care and while growing up under DCYF care there were a lot of social workers that didn’t necessarily have the youth’s best interest in mind. It seems that they were just in the job for money and that they didn’t have the best practices of keeping up with the youth and making sure that the youth in care was in the best setting or had the best resources around him or her in order to succeed. With that said I do think that DCYF has gotten better and that life in care is better, because of the innovations within the system. One of the innovations or things they have done better is creating panels where former youth gets a chance to answer questions this makes it so the social workers have a better understanding of what they could do better and what they can change. So the main reason, I want to become a social worker is because as a foster child. I saw first hand on what needs to be strengthened on and what youth like myself was and are going through on a day-by-day basis. My belief is that this would be valuable to any employer looking to get ahead in innovation and also more inclined to listen to youth regarding their needs. My professional goals are to get a job in Boston or New York City and work with struggling inner city youth. I’m fascinated to see how the foster care system is unique in a city environment compared to a country environment like New Hampshire. This goal may be difficult, but I work better in challenges and just see this as another obstacle or challenge that, I have to navigate through. A later goal of mine is to create a social network that matches families with former foster youth far too often former foster youth such as myself don’t have someone to go to in the summer ... ... middle of paper ... ... possible if you work hard for it and think positive about the outcome. Sometimes obstacles come on try to get in my way and I’m going to want to give up on my dreams, but the best way to cross obstacles is not to cross them it is leaping over them. My dream job is working in the White House and offering advice for the President on how he help change foster care in America as we know it, I don’t think that government takes foster care seriously enough and thinks about it enough when they are writing there policies. The government and the world in general need to be more aware of foster care and the side effects of it all, I reckon with the awareness that we can all truly help the foster care system. I am able to help with this effort at a national level rather it be in the White House or working with the House or the Senate this is my dream and I want to achieve it.
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