Mzansi Shuttle Project Essay

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Project Management Semester Test Mzansi shuttle project Project management bodies of knowledge During the implementation of the Mzansi shuttle project, the project management bodies of knowledge have the responsibility to ensure that the multiple workers employed for this dynamic project have the expertise and are certified to meet their standards of distinctive knowledge. It is also imperative to ensure that the employees have the relevant resources available to them in that particular field they are employed in. (Morris, Crawford, Hodgson, Shepherd & Thomas 2006) One may deduce that project management bodies of knowledge are a significant guide to the human resource activities of any project. The use of knowledge is imperative for the daily work of a project as large as the Mzansi shuttle. The Mzansi shuttle project is a multinational project due to the various groups of people from different countries being involved in it such as the Nigerian and South African’s that form part of the Dangote enterprise. International organizations have a high intake and a high output of information. The value of knowledge sharing has been recognized by most international and supranational bodies of knowledge and as such they have set up information and knowledge management programs. Many organizations consider information management as part of their internal procedures and remain tacit about their activities which may be expected from a venture such as the Mzansi shuttle project. (Ringel-Bickelmaier & Ringel 2010) The project management bodies of knowledge may look towards the implementation of the project based organization. (PBO) The versatile management of the Mzansi shuttle project would benefit from the use of PBO which is ultimately sui... ... middle of paper ... ...Possible hindrance of work breakdown structures The Mzansi shuttle project is a large and intricate project and needs a lot of attention to detail however, when creating the work packages the manager should be careful of going into too much detail as this will lead to the project manager having to micromanage the project and eventually slow down the Mzansi shuttle project which should be avoided. Tasks and activities of the project should not be confused with deliverables, the tasks and activities may change however the end result should remain the same. Using the work breakdown structure as a replacement for the project plan will hinder the project objectives. The work breakdown structure can be changed and this will hinder the deliverables of the project from being achieved. (

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