Mythology: The World's Impact On The World

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Throughout time each civilization has spread its folklore about their gods. Mythology is the collection of a societys myths and during older times mythology was thought to be created by the people who did not see the world like everyone else. Those people saw the world full of beautiful, magical possiblities. Many of the stories still hold an impact on the world today. Maybe not in the sense of worship, but people are intrigued to figure out the state of mind of the ancient people that once worshipped these gods. Some civilzations worshipped these gods in hope that they would help them in their daily lives. Most civilizations had gods for everything taht imacted their lives. Civilizations had gods that controlled the weather, the harvest, or…show more content…
The battle to prove whose religion is the best and whose gods are superior has had an impact on almost every city, state, country, and continent. No civilization has ever created a god that has escaped the wrath of the scrutiny of other civilizations. None the less, civilizations continue to create intricate stories of their gods and goddesses and are prepared to stand their ground and fight the war on behalf of their gods. Their are many famous ancient civilizations that are culpable of this action. Although their were many wars fought because of religion it did not stop countries from finding peace in another religion. An example of this is an American finding peace in the Muslim relgion or vice versa. The war also did not stop people from taking ideas from the same religion that might have started the collision in the first place, but just becasue civilizations have differences does not mean they can not get along. The Greek and Roman civilizations had complex mythologies with both similarities and…show more content…
Over population forced men to move away from the overcrowding into lowly populated areas which caused Greek colonies to spread from the Mediterranean to the Black sea. Each of the 1500 colonies was considered its own city-state, which meant they were not ruled by other city-states but instead were free to rule themselves. After some time the independent city-states began to create other things to sell or trade other than the basic farming goods. The people sold and traded pottery, cloth, and metalwork which even made some of the people wealthy. Some of these self made people hated the unruly power of the political people in charge so they joined forces with the hoplites (soldiers), who were trained in a formation called phalanx which just means they stood shoulder to shoulder to create one massive shield to protect one another, so that they could put a new chief in charge. Unforunatly these new leaders, called tyrants, were no better than the men they took over for. Some of the leaders , were magnificent and actually made a huge impact on their communities. Some examples of the leaders and their accomplishment are Pheidon who started a system of weights and measures, and Theagenes that brought running water to his city. Even though not all the leaders were bad , when the Classical period came so did a new democratic government that replaced all the
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