Myth of Narnia

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There are many Christian believers out there that consider the bible to be a collection of all the pieces of writing from Jesus’s disciples about all of his teachings. However, to others, the bible, Jesus, and the Lord are considered a myth. One Christian believer named C. S. Lewis, is most well known for his famous novel series, The Chronicle of Narnia. When someone reads the book series or watches the movies, they may just see a magnificent fantasy world full of mystical creatures and war. The series may be seen as having no real purpose of being created other than to entertain the audience. However, if people pay attention enough, they may see some similarities between the series and Christianity. That was no accident. C.S. Lewis took his Christian beliefs and turned it into his own story to teach others about God.
C. S. Lewis life before this is what influenced him to write the Narnia Chronicles. He served in the army in WWI and was an atheist for most of his life. It wasn’t till later that C. S. Lewis converted to Christianity. C. S. was a honest and open person that likes to express his beliefs and mistakes to others. After converting to Christianity, C. S. Lewis wrote many books and essays on his struggles with religion between his childhood and his devotion to the Lord and Christ. C. S. Lewis was always fascinated with mythology. It was the combination of his interest in mythology and his devotion to Christ and the lord that drove him to create the Narnia Chronicles (Nelson).
The first two Narnia movies portray the first two books in the Narnia Chronicles and show the similarity between Christianity and the series itself. The first book, The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, is about four sibl...

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...rnia Chronicles to create a successful, mythical story of an alternate world of adventure and excitement while including his own religion.

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