Myth And The Hero's Journey Big Screen Blockbusters Chris Bergeron Analysis

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Every culture has its traditions, norms and values, which differentiate between correct and incorrect, accepted and unacceptable , and wrong and right. At the same time, people of every culture have their own values and beliefs that could be different or strange to people of other cultures. Not only the values and beliefs are owned by a culture but also every culture has its myths . A myth is a sacred story which is discussing beliefs in God and religion and heroes. According to Joseph Campbell, a hero is a person who has done or achieved something beyond the normal experience. He also stated in his interview with Bill Moyers that there are two types of heroes : the physical hero who contributed in a war act or physical act or saving a life and sacrificing himself and a spiritual hero who learns to find an atmosphere of experiencing and come back to communicate it to others . Campbell stated that every one of us is a hero from his birth . After reading this article, “myth and the hero’s journey: big screen blockbusters” by Chris Bergeron , the reader is supposed to be able to understand the writers’ position which is our cultures are affected by our myths .There are many fallacies which can make the argument ineffective . They might be ethical fallacies or logical fallacies or misusing of ethos, pathos and logos. The article is ineffective because it is confusing to the reader. what is confusing at Bergeron’s article is his
Hana 2 language choice ,popular culture references, his misuse of sources and most importantly the lack of central thesis and organization.

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...riter main point and will not understand if the writer is still explaining the same idea or had gone to different idea and consequently will lose interest on what he is reading . Bergeron doesn’t have a clear thesis statement for his article. This fallacy made it difficult for the reader to know what Bergeron is willing to talk about , and was also difficult to him to divide the article into many parts each part discussing a separate idea.

Chris Bergeron failed to convey his ideas to the reader in his article Myth and the Hero’s Journey: Big Screen Blockbusters” because he used many confusing ways while addressing his words . It could be considered that his language choice ,popular culture references, his misuse of sources and most importantly the lack of central thesis and organization are the confusing ways that he used in his article.
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