Myst Influence In My Life

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Who is my biggest influence in my life? I still remember that day when I first performed dance in my cousin’s wedding. I was so scared to perform in front of so many people. When my name announced, I wanted to hide myself somewhere so that no one could see me. In the stage, I first looked at all the people who was looking at me like a stranger, and hoping my best performance. I felt I was going to throw up, and my feet were not even moving. But after I heard my mom’s voice cheering me up and saying loudly “just start, show us some movement, it doesn’t have to be perfect, I will join you at the end, you can do it my dear” suddenly my confident boost up, and when music start, I was able to give my best performance where everyone gave good compliment, and my mom was the one who was talking about me with others with full of joy and pride, and listening to others compliments. It’s just a one example about how my mom always stays with me to give me unlimited support, to show me right ways, to save me from taking bad decisions.…show more content…
I was a business background student at high school, so I choose to progress with finance major because I do feel comfortable working with numbers. Also, requirement to get a successful job in a finance is to be outgoing and inquisitive. Though it is necessary to be good skills in mathematics, it’s also necessary to talking with people and making friendly conversation on a variety of subjects. Therefore education, intelligence, and personality are all subjected for finance jobs. Although I am good at mathematics, but I am not as good as I should be with outgoing and making friendly conversation. But I am working on it and I believe I will achieve this talent as well. Therefore, I think it is more challenging field for me to gain all those aspects which will help me in my future
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