Myers- Briggs Type Indicator Assessment

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The book, Gifts Differing by Isabel Briggs Myers and Peter B. Myers is written with a lot of complexity. Isabel Briggs Myers had no training as a psychologist; she broke new ground when she applied Carl Hustav Jung’s psychological types to healthy individuals. In addition, the book describes the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment that was designed to measure psychological preferences in how people understand the world and make decisions. Throughout the book, she explains that each human being has unique, innate gifts. Therefore, this makes human interaction singular and perplexing. This book offers much repetition of scholarly, technical tables that help with the understanding of how to deal with differing personality types than your own. In addition, this book helps to identify and define varying personality types and aids in the explanation of why people behave and make decisions differently. In addition, the book explains practical application of this typological model using four categories: Extraversion/Introversion; Sensing/Intuition; Thinking/Feeling; Judging/Perceiving. Moreover, the authors summarize the meaning behind the four categories. First off, extraverts have access to their own inner life and to the world of ideas; the introverts have a means to adapt to the world of action and know how to deal with it effectively. Secondly, those with the sensing preference use their senses to notice what is real, whereas those with the intuitive preference use their imagination to envision what is possible. Furthermore, those with the intuitive preference practice “unconscious perceiving,” looking beyond the five senses. Next, individuals with the thinking preference organize and structure information to make decisi... ... middle of paper ..., but this book provided a great benefit to gaining a deeper comprehension of working through my relationships. In addition, this book solidified that differences are good and that varied types of personalities add a valuable treasure to the world. Once I took the MBTI test, I discovered that I am an ESTP type. According to the book, as an extravert, your personality is based on the outer situation. Extraverts are after thinkers, they cannot understand life until they have lived it, and they have a relaxed and confident attitude. Sensing plus thinking individuals rely primarily on sensing for purposes of perception and on thinking for purposes of judgment. Therefore, their main interest focuses upon facts, because facts can be collected and verified directly by the senses. In addition, sensing plus thinking individuals are practical and matter-of-fact.
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