Myers Briggs Personality Test Essay

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Have you ever taken a personality test? I did and I will explain a few to you. I will be discussing what Myers Briggs type indicator does, I will tell you what the 8 multiple intelligences are as well as the Discovery Wheel. I will break each test down and explain every part of it and compare it to myself. First, The Myers Briggs type indicator tests your personality’s. The MBTI explores just one aspect. It tests you through questions, there are no better or worse types and no better or worse outcomes from the questions. You are the best judge of who you are. In total there are 16 possible personality descriptions, 8 personality preferences, and 4 dichotomies. The 4 dichotomies are; preferences on how we gather information (Information),…show more content…
Based on the Myer Briggs test that I took my personality types are; extraversion, feeler, perceiving, and sensing/intuition. I am extraversion because I am a very social person and I like to talk. You would consider a person with a personality of extraversion, full of life, energy and positive. All of my friends say that about me. I am a feeler because I always look for what is important to others and make sure that they have everything before I do. I make decisions based on my heart and what I am compassionate about. I also like to “sugar coat” information instead of telling the “cold” truth. Between judging and perceiving, I am perceiving. I don’t enjoy having a schedule, I like to be able to get my work done on my own time without multiple deadlines. The bad part about being perceiving is normally I wait until the last minute to do assignments and it can become stressful. Last but not least, I am a mixture of both sensing and intuition. I lean more toward intuition. I am interested in doing things different and new but it also depends on what assignment it is. There will be times that I do an assignment the way someone else has. I enjoy looking at the entire picture first instead of…show more content…
I love being outdoors, the little things are what I enjoy. I love the sound of birds and the sound that the river makes. A few ways that I can use this to study are by studying outside. And trying to connect vocabulary to nature. My second intelligence is body movement (kinesthetic). The reason this is one of my strongest intelligence is that I am a hands on person. When I practice something over and over again I learn better. A few ways I can use this to my advantage is acted out on concepts that I need to remember. I can look for real-life examples that show what I’m and learning. And use physical motions to learn key concepts. My third intelligence is social (interpersonal). A few reasons interpersonal is one of my stronger intelligence is because I have good social skills. I love meeting new people and they also help me study/learn. A few ways this can help study are I can have someone quiz me before an exam. I can create or get involved in a study group. And avoid being alone when you try to study. My fourth intelligence was self (intrapersonal). I know where I stand when it comes to most things. I know when someone has passed my boundary. And unless someone can prove me wrong I won’t change my opinion. I also do not depend on others all the time. This can help me when studying because I can find a place alone where I won’t be interrupted. I can keep a daily personal journal on what I learned and look back on it. Next is the
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