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Fungus exists in a form of mycelium or can occur as sclerotia, a resistant structure. The production of additional hyphae and asexual spores, conidia are due to the germination of the sclerotia. The product then will be freely introduced in the soil, water and air. Fungi that are being introduced into body of water which subsequently change the taste and odours of the drinking water. Drinking of the infected water will cause fungal infections in human. Despite through water, human diseeses are also possible through several circumtances which include exposure to aflatoxins, direct infection and allergy. Aflatoxins or mycotoxins are harmful to animals or humans (Hedayati et al, 2007).
Dramatic increases in fungal diseases caused by filamentous fungi have occured since 1980s (Latģe, 1999). Studies found that the etiological structure of severe mycoses caused by fungi was changed. Unknown species that causes mycosis has increased rapidly (Kouzmanov et al, 2002). For instances, systemic infections have become major causes of diseases and death in developed countries. (Sendid et al, 2006). Aspergillus species has known to be the main culprit of mycosis which causes aspergillosis. In Aspergillus species, A. flavus has become second cause of fungal infections in human. Mainly, usual syndromes clinically occuring, following trauma and inoculation which are keratitis, chronic granulomatous sinusitis, cutaneous aspergillosis, wound infections and osteomyelitis when talking about A. flavus infection. (Hedayati et al, 2007).
Opportunistic fungal infections risk has greatly increased in severely immunocomsuppressed (Kouzmanov et al, 2002) and cancer patients (Hussein-Al-Ali et al, 2014). An obvious probability of immunocompr...

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...erapeutic response assessment (Segal, 2008).

Although there are a lot of advances in finding the best antifungal as human therapy, AmB is still founded to be the antifungal agent that is the most effective. Although it comes with various toxicity effects and administration problems, AmB is still chosen for most systemic mycosis, especially when the infection occur in the immunocompromised patients (Medoff et al, 1983).
On the other hand, surveillance of diagnosis must be taken into consideration in order to be able to do identification earlier in high risk of fungal infection patients. Besides, consideration to conduct various tests in one time should increase the certainty level of a mycosis to occur and the early administration action of antifungal treatment, which will lead to a better prognosis of the human fungal diseases (Sendid et al, 2006).
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