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I grew up in Vietnam until I was seventeen years old, the time when I moved to the United States. When I was in Vietnam, every day I read newspapers and watched news, I saw poor people everywhere. They could not afford health care because they did not have money. This was a major problem because Vietnam is a developing country and still need a lot of improvement in general. Many people live in the area where the air that they breathe is not clean, they don’t have clean water to drink, and children cannot afford to go to school. There are also many more problems that people have to suffer like lack of food, water, electricity and personal needs. One of the moments that affect me the most is a news article that I read a long time ago. The writer reported how children in the mountain area could not go to school and did not have enough food to eat. Though some of them are lucky and can go to school, the food that they eat for lunch is only a small box of white rice. He took pictures of the kids eating their food happily, though it did not have a lot of nutrition in it. How can children develop well when it cannot consume enough nutrition to develop their brains and health? Those innocent children went to school that did not have the condition to provide them a healthy environment to grow up. The school did not even have clean water for the children to use. The teacher had to come around the neighborhood and asked for a bucket of water that still had sand in it. Then there was a picture that had a very deep impact to me; it was a picture of a young girl, her skin was brown and dirty, she was eating rice with her hand. It was not a pretty image. However, her eyes were very beautiful. They were the eyes of an innocent child who wonder wh... ... middle of paper ... ...arning out of what I do and share it to other that in need. Aside of giving people access to health care, I want to use the money that I make to do charity, create scholarships for individuals that deserve the aids and give something back to the society. The path to my dreams is not just a walk in the park; it’s filled with struggles and difficulties. But I will not give up; I will stand tall and try my best until I get it. However, help is always needed, and with the support from this scholarship, I believe that my wishes will be much easier to be fulfilled. Skills are to be used but not to be wasted, and passion will help utilize skills. I am a fortunate person to have both things. With my skills to be used to help the community and my love to do so, I wish to give out my best to the community; I want to embrace the chances to make a better world that we live in.

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