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Considering learning as the way to transform the context and the reality where I interact, learning is a process that has been in my life since I am very young. This constant activity has allowed me to grow in many aspects as person and as professional.
Being a teacher is a part of the reason why learning is important to me. To be in touch with my students and help them to overcome their difficulties I need to be learning all the time; from them and in formal and informal academic spaces. In this sense learning has become as a relevant part of all my daily activities. It is a life style.
In this way, learning is an intrinsic and extrinsic motivation when it has become in a tool to face difficulties, grow and understand better the concerns that happened around me. The way learning gives me information to solve problems or to clear misunderstanding is the reason why it is my motivation.
Other important aspect when learning is the constant reflection i do about my strengths and weaknesses in all the roles I perform in my life.
As learner I have identified the following characteristics that give sense to my learning process:
 Hardworking; I am a compromised person in my professional life as in my personal life. I always do my best to fulfill my academic, professional and personal goals
 Sensitive: I am concern about the well-being of the people who surround me and principally to the people I love my family and friends. In this way I am solidary any time it is possible. I like to help people
 Creative: this is one of my favorites, I love to design and plan new activities in order to change the routine and improve the people experiences. In my personal life, I am the one who plans the parties, meetings, celebratio...

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...ning help me to success in life, for that reason and having in mind Banduras’ principles of self-efficacy in the social cognitive theory, I can believe in my ability to success in several situation regarding academic, personal or professional setting in my life. I trust in myself. Indeed, I set long, mid and short term goals in order to be happy and pleased with the challenges accepted day by day.
To conclude my learner profile, it is relevant to start building and include autonomy in my profile; as a result it is relevant to reflect about my competences regarding the use of technology.
I feel very strongly that I need to learn more about technology issues, even though; I am good at managing software and web 2.0 tools. I love to be updated about the new strategies and virtual environments I can use with my students or to myself to improve autonomous learning.
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