My graduation ceremony

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My Graduation Ceremony
Since more Chinese students tend to come to study aboard in America, the western mode of education is widely spread in China. The graduation ceremony is one of the most important elements of western education mode. For example, baccalaureate gown and the speech of headmaster are signals of western graduation ceremony. In china, Chinese students are hardly to have a formal graduation ceremony. Especially, in the high school and middle school, students don't have graduation ceremony normally. However, I had a good graduation ceremony when I graduated from high school, because I went to study in the international department which is for students who want to study aboard. The international department is difference from the normal high school. It is more focus on teaching students English and try to help them to adjust the western life as possible as teacher can. Department try to use western education mode to educate students, and ceremony also become one of important element of our study life. Graduation ceremony became the end of my high school life also become one of the ceremonies which is unforgettable for me.
When I finished the all classes in my high school, my advisor told me that I should prepare for the graduation ceremony after I got my final exam grades; the process of preparation also is interesting for me. Advisor told me I should wear business suit in the ceremony. However, I never try to wear business suit before which cause I did a funny thing in the graduation ceremony. I didn't know the manner to wear a business suit which caused I didn't put my shirt into the pants which make my foreigner teacher laugh at me in the ceremony. After that I also learnt a lot of things from graduation cerem...

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...oma was blank and felt sorry for us. I think this accident was my fault which caused me and my classmates all felt very embarrassed during the ceremony, but my advisor didn't blame me after the ceremony.
This Graduation ceremony of my high school is the only formal ceremony that I involved in. Actually, we didn't have a lot of formal ceremony that we can join when i was in high school. Therefore, my graduation ceremony gave me a deep impression and it was also an interesting experience for me. I think the accident in the ceremony is not the bad thing for me, because through this ceremony, I learnt a truth that is when I made mistakes, I should admit the mistakes and if my mistake hurt others. I should apologize to people just as what my advisor did in the ceremony. Therefore, I should thank my advisor to taught me the last lesson in my last time in the school.

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