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855 words

When I first entered this class as a freshman, I was just a flower that has not yet bloomed. Writing has always been an issue for me, and to be honest, in the beginning, I felt quite overwhelmed because I originally thought this class would have a very rigid writing style that I would have to adhere to. However, it was the exact opposite surprisingly. We were taught that we must be flexible with our writing styles and voice depending on the audience we’re are addressing. This definitely is one of the most important aspects in writing, and using this method not only makes our writing stronger, but it also serves as an tool in engaging our readers on what we are trying to convey. Along with this, we also covered concepts like character development, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they were taught to be flexible with their writing styles and voice depending on the audience they're addressing.
  • Explains how they improved as a writer after reviewing all the compositions they've written throughout the school year.
  • Opines that they are most proud of the in class essay regarding a midsummer night's dream. they say they learned to develop the habit of writing in present tense, avoid summarizing, and use transitions.
  • Explains how they developed the correct skills of a writer and applied all the techniques they learned throughout the year.

In the beginning, I was really unconfident when it comes to writing in class essays, and the thought of doing one was enough to increase my heart rate. Although I prepared myself the night before, my mind became a blank canvas when the actual task was presented in front of me. It was no surprise when I received a 21/24 on the Joy Luck Club one. I did poorly on elaborating my thoughts and there were an excessive amount of summarization in my essay. In addition, it was my first time learning that our writings must be written in present tense. It was then did I realize how different high school writings are compared to the ones I wrote in middle school. In the past, my teachers focused more on finding the essential evidence rather than the reason WHY it supports our claim. Now, in high school we are pushed to dig deeper, and continuously ask ourselves “why?” and “how?” This later became one of the goals I wanted to fulfill in my following …show more content…

I felt the most content with this one, and just looking at it now makes me feel positive and emotional. My grade on it proved that I truly developed for the better compared to the one I wrote in the beginning, and it showed that all the time I spent practicing my writing skills were worth it. Through all the other essays I wrote before it, I learned little by little of what to include and not to include based on the feedback I receive. In this argumentative essay, I successfully explained my position on why I believe Shakespeare is intentionally giving a negative portrayal of women, and my trail of thoughts were easy to follow. There were no run-on sentences and I cited my evidence properly. On this essay, I applied everything I learned, varying from my mistakes to what I was taught to the mistakes others made. For example, I learned to develop the habit of writing in present tense, avoid summarizing, using transitions, and writing in the correct perspective/point of view. I am glad to say that I feel much more confident writing essays

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