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Whenever I get a writing assignment for class, it seems like a chore. I don’t have a problem with writing, but papers always seem to take more time than they should. Maybe this is due to poor planning on my part, but essays are usually an ordeal, and I dread actually doing the work to finish one. The task is simple enough, but putting it off always seems like a better alternative to writing. I do think about the paper that I have to write, but I do not put thoughts and ideas into a paper or outline until I absolutely need to do so. From the moment I am given an assignment sheet, I begin brainstorming about the paper. I may not use any of these ideas, but I think of them. I also have a tendency to forget good ideas, which leads me to think that I should write some of them down, but that would be too much work. Whatever ideas that I do remember will be used in some sort of informal outline I make before I start actual work on my paper. Unless it is required for a class, however, I usually just keep this outline in my head. I find it to be more flexible if I don’t have anything written or structured at this point, and rather just have several ideas floating in my head. As soon as there is an outline or introduction paragraph written, I feel more committed to my work. At this point, I’m hopefully comfortable enough with what I have to begin putting in work on my paper.

The introduction is usually the most time-consuming part of the paper. There are so many different aspects of the paper that must go into the intro, and composing one is hard because of this. I need to set the tone for the rest of my paper, and write in a style that captivates my readers at the same time. I try to establish that my paper will be serious and academic...

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...ught. My style is my style, and that’s really all I can say about it. In writing about the process, I don’t feel I have a better understanding of how I write, but I definitely have a better concept of what I actually do when I write. I’m not looking to improve my writing process, because it works for me. To my knowledge, there’s nothing wrong with how I write, and the papers I produce are, in my opinion, quality. I may be stubborn or arrogant, but unless someone tells me otherwise, I may be right as well. As a first-year student at State University, I’m aware that I won’t stop writing any time soon. From what I have seen, however, how I write won’t change too much; my style is my style, and it has been for a long time. A few stylistic changes may occur depending on the class for which an assignment is due, but I will always be me, and my writing will always be mine.

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