My Writing Strengths And Weaknesses

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Writing About Writing
Writing plays an important role in our everyday live because it is an inevitable part of life. We have different styles of writing, and some of us may use it daily to communicate with our families, friends, coworkers, and customers. If we are a businessperson, our writing will focus on business letters. If we are a preschool teacher, our style of writing will look like journals, note takings, and reports. If we are students, most of your writings are about class assignments like discussion, journal, research paper. However, not everyone can have writing skills, and some of us have still been struggling with writing skills. As a college student, writing plays a huge part in my school life, and I still have many struggles in my writing. In this essay, I will mention about the strength and weakness in my writing, and I will also discuss informal and formal writing.
First, I would like to mention the strength and weakness in my writing. My writing strengths are I usually spend a lot of time on reading my writing assignment to make sure that I understand the meaning of my writing assignment before I start to make a mind map. Therefore, I totally agree with Irvin when he said in his essay, "What Is "Academic" Writing?" that writer only starts writing well when we have everything figured out. However, English is my second language, so my writing weakness is I do not know how to express my thoughts well in English. Therefore, I usually
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There is some variety of writings style such as formal and informal writing are using now. Formal and informal writing have diverse ways of using, so depending on their needs the writers will choose an appropriate writing form to use. In this essay, I also mention about the strengths and weaknesses in my writing, and I also share my feeling when I write informal and formal
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