My Writing Process, And The Editing After My

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My writing process is very simple and usually doesn’t take me very long, (which could explain why my essays aren’t that good). I don’t really take the time I need to write a good essay due to the fact that I procrastinate heavily when it comes to writing. Usually it comes down to the work before the essay, my actually writing process, and the editing after my essay. When I am first given a writing assignment I would first look at what kind of essay I am writing. It could be an argumentative, comparison, literary analysis, creative, and/or problem solving essay. I then decide on the way I want to structure the essay, for example an argumentative essay would probably have two strong points and a paragraph designated for rebuttals. After I have analyzed the essay type, I would begin research if needed. Most of my research would come from the first 10 links google would come up with after I type in my subject. If the articles were large, I would create a paper of quote I could possibly use and cite where each source came from. If the essay didn’t require research I would then lay out ...
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