My Writing Leabilities And Strengths And Abilities Of Writing

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My Writing Abilities
Writing is a powerful tool that people use all over the world. Writing allows people to communicate ideas, thoughts, stories, and more. Writing is more than just putting coherent words on a paper to make it a comprehensive text; it is about how the content is formatted, styled, and expressed. When a writer takes this into consideration, they are developing as a writer. As a writer, I would characterize myself as a moderate to good writer. Like any writer, I have my strengths, weaknesses, and lack of confidence at times.
Writing is a core principle that we are all taught in elementary, and continue to be taught throughout high school. Writing is a tool in which you must practice to master. Throughout high school, teachers
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Writing is a way for me to express myself, thoughts, and emotions. Writing is a way for me to communicate to others, which is what I like the most about writing. Being able to tell a story, or an idea, is something that can sometimes be better explained in writing. By having the right style and format, along with content, writing can be a useful tool. Writing is enjoyable because a lesson is learned every time a mistake has happened. By catching the mistake, and correcting it, my papers get enhanced each time, making it enjoyable seeing the start to finish product. Having a lack of organizational skills, makes writing difficult for me. Without the use of organizational skills, papers will be hard to understand for the readers, and even I, the writer. Writing is a passion for me, but the fine etiquette details, are what I least like about writing, and is another difficult area in my writing…show more content…
Writing is not something that people, like myself, will jump out of bed for and want to do right away. I have to be in the right mindset and have no distractions in order to begin to write. After writing and completing the paper, a sense of astonishment is felt. The feeling of having a rough draft paper done, is something that cannot be compared to anything else in the educational classrooms. Writing papers are time consuming and vigorous, but by completing one, the feeling is incomparable. By completing papers, you feel relieved having known that all the thoughts were written down, and now know you just have to revise. Writing can make me feel upset for the day, but when the paper is finished, it was worth
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