My Writing : First Academic Essay

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First Academic Essay Writing is a thing we do a lot throughout our lives. It is practically a necessity for communication. My style of writing would be best described as a style much like that of an Authors. I have some specific things I must have or do when I am going to write anything. This will allow me to focus on my writing and get it done “right.” A good place for me to write is in my room if I were to write. As long as I can make it clear that people should stay out so I can have some peace and can focus then I can write in there. The noise level must be minimal and I must not have anyone talk to me directly. It is a great place to relax and study if I need to. In any case, it is a nice place to do my work when I do it. I do not have any particular aversions or addictions to speak of. I might listen to some music from time to time or play a game when I need a break though. In all I do not have any worthy distractions when I get started other than those others dish out. Such as if a person tries to talk to me while I am working or reading something. Those are bothersome problems that I must deal with in the best way I can. I do compose writing assignments with computers. I have done writing on paper too, especially in school. Things aren’t too different with typing in a word document than they are writing on paper. In a word document you type using the letters on the keyboard while on paper you write with a pencil of course. I do write slower than I can type so type is a better option for me when it comes to writing a document. I don’t speak much differently on the computer than I would on paper. I write what I am thinking and can go back and make changes later. Sometimes I have trouble getting started. An introduction ... ... middle of paper ... ...riting for a class I would not put any of my identity into my writing. Writing is something I would enjoy for writing a simple story like an Author does. It could be more in depth and complex but still interesting and have some simple parts too. Writing something like a research paper on a specific topic is less interesting to me. This makes it more difficult for me to get started. It can also make is hard to keep good points about what I am researching without ranting about it. In all Author Writing is more interesting to me than Academic Writing. GRAMMAR – Missing or incorrect punctuation (comma, semicolon, etc.) Remove contractions or 2nd person Unnecessary or awkward Missing word(s) Misspelled word or incorrect word Formatting or structure issue (spacing, capitalization, run-on etc.) Tense shift (past/present), plurality issue (single/plural), and/or possession
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