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God, Humanity, Christianity and Restoration are four points that will be addressed as the most significant parts of my worldview. Why I personally believe that Jesus Christ is both the Son of God and also walked this earth as God in the flesh will be discussed. My Christian faith, my belief in perfect restoration through Him via salvation for myself and everyone else in the world will also be discussed in depth. My worldview stems from my own Christian faith, though I do have respect for other religious beliefs. My worldview has evolved from my teachings throughout childhood by my parents, other relatives, and many of my peers. My worldview, thus far, has also developed by my own personal experiences with the Messiah Himself, through answers to prayer and by revelation of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Though I have been exposed to the…show more content…
Because we “all fall short of the Gospel,” according to the Holy Bible, we are in constant need of God’s grace through salvation that is extended to everyone, but is more bountiful to those who have already accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. (At least this has been my own personal observation during the development of my own Christian faith.) Because we “fall” daily, we constantly need a savior to “wash” us, “cleanse” us, and restore us. Because of the hope that Jesus Christ brings to us daily, because “Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning,” according to the Holy Bible, in the book of Lamentations, Chapter 3, Verse 23. We as humans are always striving to find our purpose and fulfill it. So when we fall, we have a great need to know that there is hope and restoration through Jesus

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