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Before I embark on my long awaited world journey; a trip like this will be extraordinarily enlightening and will undoubtedly change the way I view the world. My trip will include a visit to China, India, Japan, Africa and Brazil. Each country is filled with their own unique heritage that fills the towns and cities with a distinct cultural atmosphere. My world excursion will capture the different values of each culture through the specific sites that I visit, and will explore the historical highlights of the countries. First stop, Brazil. Brazil is beautiful country filled with colorful wildlife, pristine beaches, delicious food, and historical sites that take your breath away. The statue of Christ, called Christ the Redeemer, overlooking…show more content…
What an unbelievable site they are, in the middle of a dessert stand perfectly constructed pyramids. They exemplify the brilliance of the ancient Egyptian and a form of culture that no longer exists. The pyramids were used for storage and tombs. They are an engineering marvel and the fact that no one can replicate them successfully is a major reason why they are carefully preserved. People have tried before the copy the pyramids and all attempts failed. The Pyramids are a symbol of the intelligence and sophistication that the Egyptians achieved. Next stop in Egypt is the Valley of the Kings; a burial site for famous pharaohs and officials of Egypt. The historical significant here is that many renowned rulers are buried here, they carry value because of their rule over the Egyptian people. The burial sites themselves are surrounded with different sculpted Pharaohs who had earned the respect to be buried along with the others. The Egyptian people maintain this site because of its meaning and reflection of their heritage. They respect the old rulers who helped form the country they have today and the best way in the culture to remember them is to honor their burial grounds. Final stop in Africa is the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, it is a tomb for one of Morocco’s ruthless sultans, he disposed of anyone who got in his way or disagreed with him. The tomb was created by slaves and prisoners and with that being said, it is a gorgeous building. The stone is delicately cut into different shapes, all in different colors, and then it is placed on the wall in a capturing arrangement. Despite the cruel sultan’s ways, the building is preserved for its beauty and reminder of the harsh times the people lived

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