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My World - Original Writing Trapped in a world of my own, with no way of getting out. My mind is empty but I still hear the screams of Emily, my baby, in the background. It’s dark now, though it isn’t late. My flat is high up though I can still make out the trees below which are lit up by the street lights. I feel alone but not afraid. I wander across the room and take Emily into my arms. I am not alone but I still feel lonely. I haven’t come out of the flat since I returned. I can’t use the lifts because they have been vandalised and I can’t face trying to get up and down twenty flights of stairs with Emily and all my shopping. I don’t think I will ever be able to get a job though because I had to leave school at sixteen, because of Emily. I will run out of money soon. I don’t want to end up living in the dump with all its other inhabitants which I can see from my window. I hope I can find someway of keeping the flat. I’m sure everything will be alright in the end, it always is. Emily is asleep now. I am tired too, I wish I could sleep but my mind is too worried to relax. I sit on the floor staring at the carpet; muddy and worn down, it sits like a puddle in my empty mind. I pull myself up and look out through the window. The streams of rain run down the glass, slowing down before reaching the bottom, leaving a lake on the window sill. I sigh loudly and the window clouds up in front of me. I slowly reach forward and touch the window, my fingertips feel tender and the cold runs down my spine. I take my hand away, leaving a mark on the window which faded slowly. I rest my head on my knees and I fall into a daze, staring aimlessly out of the window. I snapped back to reality as Emily started screaming again.

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