My Work as an Interaction between Art and Technology

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Situated on the top floor, the art classroom rarely has visitors. In the largely emptied room, a boy sits in the corner, surround by paint, brushes, and any art supply one can think of. Hands covered in dry paint and deeply immersed in his work, only here can he be himself. He spent most of his highschool times in this room. During that period he decided to pursue a career in art. Back in my cube, designing away at the new graphic user interface, I recall when I dreamed of becoming an artist. With technological advancements, I expanded my range of mediums. I have converted my mediums to the keyboard and monitor in front of me. Art has gotten more interesting. I want to experiment and be that boy again.
Dark smoke rising, sweat trickling down our foreheads, squatting, the team inserts biomass into a kiln made out of abandoned steel barrels. For my senior capstone design, I worked with engineering and design students on a humanitarian project, which aimed at creating renewable energy from biomass. We experimented with numerous scaled prototypes, constructed out of tin cans, befor...

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